Consign With Us

Consigning at Mutually Yours Boutique


Effective November 2022, Mutually Yours Boutique is not accepting clothing consignments until further notice. 

Q. What can I consign at Mutually Yours Boutique & Consignment (MYBC)?
A. Currently, we consign clothes, handbags and shoes within the current or forthcoming season. Item(s) must be new with tags (or without), gently pre-loved, freshly laundered, folded neatly in a box, basket, paper shopping bag (no plastic bags) and ready to wear.

Q. What type of items are not consigned?
A. MYBC will not consign items that are old and/or out of style (more than two years old); items with stains and/or odors; items with tears, broken zippers and/or missing buttons. We do not consign items from Walmart, Forman Mills, Fashion Nova, Shein, etc. We will not consign shoes with heels over 4" high, lingerie, pre-loved activewear, children’s clothing, furniture, and bridal attire. Consigned items later found unsuitable for sale (i.e., stains, holes, odor, missing buttons, etc.) must be picked up by the consigner or the item(s) will be donated to charity. MYBC reserves the right to refuse any items that do not fit into our store aesthetic. 

Q. How does Mutually Yours Boutique’s consignment work?
A. You will schedule an appointment. We will receive your items. Once your items are inspected and priced, you will receive an email which lists your items and the selling price.

Q. What is your consignment split?
A. The consignor will receive 40% of the price that your item sells for. MYBC does not charge an annual consignor fee.

Q.  How will I get paid when my items sell?
A. You will be given the option to receive payment via check or store credit. If you desire payment by check, it will be mailed on the first (1st) or 15th day of the month, depending on the sold date of the item(s).

 Q. How long does my consignment payout store credit last?
A.  Your consignment store credit does not expire.

Q. What sizes do you take?
A.MYBC consigns all sizes from 00 to 28 and x-small to 5X. We will let you know if we change our size range.

Q. What days are items accepted for consignment
A. Consignment is by appointment, currently appointments are scheduled for Thursday or Friday. Due to space limitations, ten is the maximum number of items per appointment.

Q. Can I consign any items during any season?
A. No, consignment is accepted seasonally, start dates are below (dates are subject to change).
Spring: March 1st
Summer: May 1st
Fall: August 1st
Winter: October 15th

Q. Can I consign “inspired” designer bags, shoes, jewelry clothes and/or accessories in good condition?
A. MYBC does not accept knock-offs, inspired or fakes of ANY kind as they are an infringement of trademark and copyright laws and against the policy NARTS (National Association of Resale and Thrift Shop Owners).

Q. How can I schedule an appointment?
A. Call 302-566-5244 or email